Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Introduction and MDM Architecture

The MDM architecture is a three-tier model:
Database Server: Place where the business data and metadata resides. It is implemented on a DBMS – Oracle or DB2
Application Server: Manages security and access to the data. It is implemented on J2EE application server – Weblogic, Websphere, or JBOSS

UI Layer: Set of tools that allows users to configure the environment and perform data management activities.

Database Server Tier
Database server layer comprises of two types of schemas:
• Master Database: Contains MDM Hub environmental configuration settings
• Operation Record Store (ORS): Contains master data and content metadata.

Application Server Tier
• Supports data cleansing and matching activities
• Enables data access and exposes various data services as APIs

Batch Process Flow

Overall batch process flow of data in Informatica MDM

Hub Console

MDM Hub console is an UI for MDM specific administrative and configuration activities

This video help you to understand about the complete architecture of Informatica MDM 

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